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Court officials can make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes have devastating consequences on a person's financial future. If you were involved with a creditor dispute, for example, they may have misrepresented themselves to the court to gain an advantage against you, leading to an outcome that hurts your future and financial outlook. At Law Zebra, our judgment relief attorneys can help you look into whether or not your rights were violated during your case.

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When Should You File for Relief from Judgment?

The legal system aims to treat people fairly. While this doesn't always happen, proving that you were a victim of someone else's negligence or dishonesty may help you petition for a better outcome.

For example, you can file a motion for relief if:

  • A mistake was made in your sentencing
  • New evidence about your situation comes to light
  • There was fraud, misrepresentation, or misconduct by the other party
  • Your sentence was completed

Any of these situations can be tough to uncover and prove. With an effective consumer protection attorney on your side, you can make the most of the evidence you have and fight for a fair outcome for your case.

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Law Zebra encompasses a network of competent, compassionate judgment relief attorneys who have your best interests at heart. Your initial consultation is free, and all legal fees are paid by the offending party in your case. You have nothing to lose by contacting us to find out if a judgment in your case was based on misinformation or someone's error. Let us help you regain your financial freedom.

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    “He took the time to understand my situations and was always there to address any questions or concerns I had. Tyler treated me with respect during the whole process. The outcomes of both cases ended up favorably and I couldn't be more thankful.”

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    “Scott is a very talented, creative, personable and successful trial lawyer. For class actions or consumer law, Scott's the man.”

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