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According to recent research, more than 137 million people suffer from medical financial hardship. Because healthcare costs are continuing to surge, more and more people will find themselves burdened by medical debt.

Of all the different types of debt, medical debt is perhaps the most undue. While debtors are stereotypically associated with poor spending habits, medical emergencies are largely outside of our control. Through no fault of their own, millions of Americans have found themselves facing not just illness or injuries but years of subsequent financial hardship.

At Law Zebra, we are fully equipped with the knowledge, strategies, and resources you need to attain relief from medical debt. We understand that your situation is unique, which is why we will apply a personalized strategy to your case.

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How to Reduce or Eliminate Medical Bills

The worst thing you can do when facing overwhelming medical debt is nothing. Generally, you will have 180 days before your provider sells your debt to a collection agency, which is potentially longer than other types of debt. Once this happens, however, it will appear on your credit report, and the collection agency can take you to court—potentially resulting in bank levies, wage garnishment, and more.

Were You Charged The Right Rates?

You may be entitled to different rates than what you were charged. If you qualify for reduced rates it applies to all services and providers. If you were in network for some charges, you may be entitled to in network prices for all services and providers.

Medical Bill Forgiveness

If you face verifiable hardship, you may be able to obtain forgiveness. This is more difficult than other measures, as you will need to provide proof of hardship and other documentation in order for your provider to forgive your debt entirely.

Double-Check What You Owe

Errors in medical bills are fairly common, and your insurance company may not have covered what it was accountable for—whether by mistake or bad faith. With help from our team, you can ensure your insurance company actually pays what they have agreed to pay.

You can also verify the bills with your provider by asking if:

  • All procedures were necessary; and
  • All supplies listed in the bill were actually used

You can then compare by looking up what each procedure typically costs.

Negotiation Strategies

If you owe more than you can pay, we can negotiate with your provider. Medical bills are more arbitrary than many would believe, and providers will lose money if they send your debt to collections. Lowering what you owe, therefore, may be in both of your best interests. Negotiation is much more likely to be successful before the provider sends your debt to a collection agency.

You could also settle on a payment plan. So long as you adhere to the terms, this will prevent your debt from getting into the hands of aggressive creditors. However, you may be responsible for additional fees or interest.

Filing Bankruptcy

Fortunately, medical bills are a form of unsecured debt, which means bankruptcy could potentially discharge most or all of what you owe. In fact, medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the U.S. We will only recommend this strategy, however, if we believe it is the most appropriate option.

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No matter your situation, Law Zebra can help you develop and implement the debt relief solution you need. Millions of Americans are facing this undeserved financial pressure, but you have more options than you may realize. Let us help you explore those options today.

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