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While there is a lot of talk in the news today about making college free or more affordable, nothing has changed yet, and students are still taking out loans in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance their education. As even bankruptcy will not clear student debt, many people overwhelmed by their loans feel hopeless about their future. The good news is that there are other solutions. At Law Zebra, our student debt relief attorneys can help you find out if you qualify for loan forgiveness.

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Options for Getting You Out of Debt

You are expected to repay student loans regardless of your graduation status, ability to find work, or whether or not you were under 18 when you obtained the loan. However, there are some options to either having the debt amount reduced or forgiven altogether. Law Zebra is familiar with these offerings and can help you learn more about how they could apply to your situation.

Some options for loan forgiveness include:

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program: If you work for a government agency or non-profit, you could qualify for loan forgiveness once you have made at least 120 monthly payments of your debt.
  • Federal Perkins Loan: Teachers may be eligible for loan forgiveness if they serve students in low-income communities, individuals with disabilities, or are involved in teaching STEM subjects.
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program: After five complete, full-time years teaching, some teachers are eligible to have up to $17,500 forgiven from their student loans.
  • Total and Permanent Disability Discharge: If you can prove that you are no longer able to work due to a major disability, you may not have to pay your loans back.
  • Closed School Discharge or False Certification Discharge: Some schools are either incapable of providing an education or do so under false pretenses. These loans may also be forgiven.

Finding Out If You Qualify

At Law Zebra, we are committed to helping you find solutions for your financial troubles. It can be scary to think about paying back massive student debt, and we understand your situation. During your free consultation, we can discuss your options to help you move forward toward financial freedom.

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