The debt collection industry has erupted in the past two decades. Average Americans carry more debt than any other people in the history of the world. With technological innovations for mass communication stoking the fires of materialism, there is no end in sight to what real people will borrow to feel like they fit in and are successful.
Since people are borrowing money and financing beyond their means, more and more find themselves trapped in Debt Collection Nightmares.

Debt collection robs them of their dignity, sleep, fun time, and ultimately their relationships. There is no reason that this cycle will be stopped by corporate America. They are in the business of sowing wheat into gold, and they will do it by any means necessary because gold is the weight they use to determine value.

In an effort to curb these practices and restore dignity and strength to people, we have gathered together a group of Alpha Lawyers that fight for consumers. Typically, lawyers work alone or in small firms. Lawyers who attack predatory debt collectors work on contingency and making a living can be tough, so they rarely share cases because they don’t want to share fees.

This group shares resources so that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel in West Virginia, against a National Debt Collector, who is doing the same thing in Nevada. We share information and work so that we can attack as a herd relying on the strength that is found in numbers as well as the individual attributes of each member.

One of the methods we are using to attack today is by isolating debt collection agencies/ buyers and going over their operations with fine tooth combs to make sure that they follow the law. Just like it is in everyone’s best interest to make sure every driver is licensed on the road, we need to know that debt collectors are authorized to conduct their particular blend of misery. If they aren’t licensed, we file suit against them for the individual and for the class of individuals they are attacking outside of the law.

When we attack, we aren’t simply looking for the alleged debt to be forgiven. We want money damages for violating real people’s rights in favor of their insatiable thirst for all of our gold. So, we turn the tables, and attack using the strength of the harem. We file in every state we find offenses. We demand large damages and file lengthy motions. Even when we don’t win, they remember us and modify their business because it costs to fight us and all they care about is gold.

At Law Zebra, we know that the most effective defense is a good offense. And we are prepared to go on the offensive.